The Kooks and YAWN at The Fillmore [Photographs]


This past Tuesday, The Kooks played their final stop on their North American tour, and boy, did they go out with a bang. Things got going quick with opener YAWN. Forget the name, the Chicago base band are the Kooks favorite up-and-comer and rightfully so. The post-Vampire Weekend band take the style notes from the collegiate wunderkinds, but craft something far less annoying when played on repeat. I can tell you this with absolute certainty as I’ve had them on my go-to playlist since Tuesday and have yet to skip a single one of their songs.

Luke Pritchard the vocals and guitarist of the Kooks, clearly the showman, continued the positive energy prancing on and off a platform that rest on the front of the stage. The band behind him was not stiff or boring, but juxtaposed with his manic energy by seemingly disappearing into the smoke and lights. Pritchard always seemed on the verge of diving into the audience or about to leap onto a speaker. The latter he did several times, but the former sadly none–maybe next time.