Caveman at Brick and Mortar [Photographs]


What a great little venue the Mission has in the Brick and Mortar Music Hall! Right under the freeway entrance on 14th near Mission, this new club evokes a decidedly New York vibe. This according to my recently-from-New York friend who came with me to the show on Sunday night, though I think she exaggerated for the sake of her newfound San Francisco pride. No matter, to me this venue is a great San Francisco find. The bar is to the right of the stage, a few comfy booths line the back opposite it (where yours truly staked a spot to retire to between crowd-wanders), and the rest is open space that can accommodate light dancing to a full on crowd mash towards stage.

The Brooklyn based headliner Caveman pulled a decent SF crowd considering this was their first show in our fair city. The rest of the band was somewhat lost due to a dramatic spot on the lead (as you can see in accompanying photos), but that moody ambiance fit their rich and complex sound. Vary between a pop-influence to an angry anthem this group will infest your mind with their sound and you willthank them for it.

I’ve already passed their music around my friends. Take a listen and I dare you to not do the same.

Download Mp3 – Caveman – “Easy Water”