Epicsauce Presents: Yip Deceiver, Yuck, Loose Shus, Shock, and more


This Thursday our buddies at Epicsauce are putting on a great show at Milk featuring Yip Deceiver (featuring members of Of Montreal) + Shock + Loose Shus + Tres Lingerie + epicsauce & Voltaire DJs at Milk.  Here’s a little from Kevin (Epicsauce) about the bands:

Tres Lingerie is a super fun local duo specializing funktified boogie and disco instrumentals that sound like they were pulled straight out of the late 70s and early 80s. I was first tipped off to them last year when they performed an amazing cover of Michael Sterling’s classic “Desperate” at the always epic Beat Electric Dance Show alongside local singer James Anthony– video evidence here.

Loose Shus is hands down San Francisco’s most overlooked producer — seriously, no idea why this guy is not massive. The solo producer and remixer makes tunes that have aptly described as world-be scores for 70s cop and horror movies, in a similar vein to the acts featured on the breakout soundtrack to Drive (think John Carpenter-inspired jams, a la Kavinsky and fellow Valerie-collective member College).

Shock is a newish local electronic supergroup featuring Oakland’s Sorcerer alongside members of Rubies/Call and Response and Windsurf. While the band unfortunately has yet to officially release any tracks, you can get a feel for their sound from Sorcerer’s solo work — picture this with vocals of the Chromatics variety. Rad, rad stuff.

Finally, Yip Deceiver is an extremely pop-friendly duo featuring Davey Pierce and Nicolas Dobbratz of Of Montreal (Davey and Nicolas) and Sugar & Gold (Nicolas) fame. The duo makes hook heavy and dance-friendly tunes ripe for radio — check out some tracks to share below.

Download Mp3 – Yip Deceiver: “Sadie Hawkins Day”