Dirty Places, Rockstars and Other Beasts: Photographs by Victoria Smith + Hilary Hulteen


Along Howard St., between 6th and 7th, lies Little Raven’s Gallery – home this past month to the wonderful photographic works from Victoria Smith and Hilary Hulteen. On starch white walls hang their best: Jay-Z enticing his crowd, an American bar through and through, revelers at the Glastonbury Festival, a bull in a pasture and a bear in a tree. Rick James’ dancing feet. A hopeful Zach De La Rocha. People, places and music: A more energetic and personable collection I can’t imagine.

On the last night of the show’s month-long run guests were invited, Jameson was poured and bands serenaded. The guests sauntered underneath beautiful prints, stopping often to marvel at the moment captured. The Hooks and The Ferocious Few took turns playing sets. Their rumbling rock vibrated through the gallery, making the locale feel more like a dive than a stop on gallery row. It was fitting considering the art on the walls and the hearts in the room.

Steal a look at their sites and follow two great photographers, especially in the hopes that your interest will spur many more gallery showings to come.

Victoria’s Photographs:  www.victoriasmithphoto.com

Hilary’s Photographs: http://www.SoulClapProductions.com/