Tecla “Thanksgiving” [Download]


Tecla Thanksgiving Download

New York rapper, Tecla, released her Thanksgiving mixtape this week. Featuring production from Diplo and guest appearances from Das Racist, Jasmine Solano, and Collie Budz. Let me know your thoughts.


1. “Keyser Soze” [ intro]
2. No Music [feat. Lakutis + Fat Tony + Kool A.D.]
3. Better [feat. Jasmine Solano] {Produced By Diplo}
4. At The Costco’s [feat. Kassa Overall + Kool A.D.] {Produced by Toothpaste*}
5. Itty Bitty {Produced by TECLA + Gordon Voidwell}
6. “Buggin Out” [interlude]
7. Yea I Said It [feat. Iron Solomon + Kassa Overall] {Produced by Carlos Overall}
8. Press My Funk [feat. Tavi] {Produced by Tavi + Toothpaste*}
9. Little Jon {Produced by Pegasus Warning}
10. Male Dominatrics {Produced by TECLA**}
11. John [$$$] Dough {Produced by TECLA**}
12. “Fresh” [interlude]
13. Drugs [feat. Das Racist + Lakutis]
14. Al Green Type Love [feat. Gordon Voidwell] {Produced by Kassa Overall}
15. Sorry Mom
16. Celebration [feat. Kassa Overall] {Produced by TECLA}
17. “School Daze” [interlude]
18. F*ckin Haters [feat. Collie Budz]
19. Double Entendre [feat. Kassa Overall] {Produced by Toothpaste*}

*Toothpaste is TECLA + Kassa Overall

**Addidional Production by Kassa Overall

Mixed by Gordon Voidwell, Zachary Dawson

Album Art by Kool A.D.

Download Tecla: Thanksgiving