Real Estate at Slim’s 11/11/11


Real estate days live review
Last Friday Real Estate returned to a packed Slim’s. Two weeks after opening for Deerhunter, now headliners, the group brought a huge crowd. Considering that their latest album, Days, was released only a month ago, and that this was their second performance in two weeks–the “band to watch” label Stereogum recently gave adorn them with is undoubtedly true.

There is an ease and simplicity to Real Estate’s style. As we mentioned in our short review of Days there is a personal tone that is straight forward. On “It’s Real,” Martin Courtney sings, “I don’t know who’s behind the wheel, sometimes I feel like I don’t know the deal,” concisely framing the youthful uncertainty in romantic relationships. The first single was  widely received by the crowd who shouted in excitement upon hearing the first chords.

Like the album, it was easy to get lost in the similar, and sometimes repetitive sounds. At times Matthew Mondanile let the guitar wale, distorting notes with lo-fi tones that reminded me of Pure X. Martin Courtney’s vocal were often hidden, which is a criticism I’ve heard before about their live sets. Regardless, the value of Real Estate seems to be going up–don’t be the last to invest.