Immortal Technique “Rich Man’s World (1%)” [FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD]


About 30 min ago, Immortal Technique released the link to download his new album Martyr free of cost.

As he stated on Twitter he wants you to share it: “@ImmortalTech¬†As soon as I give you the link please RETWEET it to everyone @ everyone you know and tell them to RETWEET”

I spent the last two nights out at #OccupyOakland. I have been teargassed and watched people get shot with bean bags and rubber bullets, which however non-lethal they are, are no fucking joke. That being said, I chose an appropriate track to link here, Tech is a supporter of the #occupy movement and has been a regular presence at the NYC protests.

I’m getting chills, I love it and am so fucking happy I have more Tech to pour over.

The link is being hit hard, so it may take a while to download. But worth the wait. Review to come.

Download: Immortal Technique “Martyr” [Full Album]

Download: Immortal Technique – “Rich Man’s World (1%)”