Treasure Island 2011 Day 1 in Photos



I’m fairly certain I’m only speaking for a very small portion of Treasure Island goers, but the lineup for Saturday, a day usually reserved for the more electronic/dancey acts, was my favorite Saturday set out of the last three years. I know the masses were bummed there wasn’t an Oakenfold or a Deadmau5 (thought that didn’t stop the hard-drinking and pill-popping underagers), but because I am more generally a fan of indie rock and that’s the way this year’s Saturday show skewed I was a happy little clam for a bonus day (to my Sunday). The lineup was a near perfect (why couldn’t they get a reunited LCD?!?!?!?!) blend of electronic-rock and indie rock with two bands, each at the opposite ends of the indie rock spectrum, head and shoulders above the rest. Cut Copy and Battles brought what I’d hoped and more, electrifying crowds (with their own special touch) in ways that only Coachella and Glastonbury fans tend to hope for. . Photos below. Enjoy!

Download Mp3 – Battles: “Atlas”


Download Mp3 – Cut Copy: “Take Me Over”