Foster the People, Cults, and Reptar at The Fillmore [Photos and Live Review]

Foster the People Live Photos

Photographs by Julie Logan

Foster the People and Cults, two of indie pop’s hottest acts, played back-to-back performances at the Fillmore this past Thursday and Friday. Foster the People headlined as their “Pumped Up Kids” remains steadily atop of the Billboard Charts at #3. In the wake up a dismal performance with Kenny G on the Saturday Night Live, the Hanson-esque pop group were surprisingly good (so we were told). They were preceded by the dulcet, hypnotic sound of Cults, whom you may have heard on the opener for last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (because we know you watch Grey’s Anatomy–don’t you!). Cults is one of our favorite bands right now and their live show did not disappoint, despite lead singer Madeline Follin’s wicked cough. Impressively added to the billing with only an EP to their name, the synth-punk band, Reptar, opened both nights. The young, stylish (barefoot, overalls, and cargo pants) group from Athens, Georgia have a strong stage presence led by keyboardist William Kennedy’s head banging and vocalist, Graham Ulicny’s surprisingly playful and ferocious vocals.


Download MP3 – Cults: “Go Outside” 

Download Mp3 – Reptar: “Stuck In My Mind”