Preview for Treasure Island Festival 2011


Preview Treasure Island 2011

Oh Treasure Island Festival you seem to appease my bipolar music taste so well I’ve begun to worry (was that you at my window yesterday?). Sticking to the festival’s theme of electronic and dance music on Saturday (can you say “party time”) with Sunday “fun-day” geared at indie rockers, expect plenty of basshead tweeners (in between teenagers and young adults) Saturday, while Sunday’s plaid wearing spectators will likely pensively gaze out onto the bay during Explosions in the Sky recalling their favorite episode of Friday Night Lights (RIP).

Headliners aside, since many of you have heard of Empire of the Sun and Death Cab For Cutie (wait–you haven’t? WTF), here are some artist that might suit your fancy:


12:00Pm – Geographer: If you’ve ever, ever, read this blog–you’re surely familiar with Geographer (we really must stop assuming, you know what they say). Well alright if you hadn’t we’ve interviewed Geographer, reviewed Geographer’s performance, shared Geographer’s video of “Can’t You Wait,” and well, you get the point. In lament terms this electro-pop trio is awesome.

12:45 Aloe Blacc: Don’t ask him for a dollar. Bad joke. But if you don’t know him from his feature on HBO’s How To Make It In America, you should certainly prepare yourself for reinvented soul singer, formally rap star, who took 2010 by storm.

3:45 Battles: For such an aggressive band name, the group certainly creates interesting “math rock” (so my coworker explained to me) switching up time signatures to keep things interesting–and oh do they (naked ladies, karate, ice cream).

7:05 Flying Lotus: The Kingpin of LA’s futurebeat scene in on a different galaxy. His hip hop infused beats are tripped out with stutters, distortions, and effects that will take you along a bizarre journey.


Saturday, October 15th

Bridge Stage                                                             Tunnel Stage

9:35 – Empire of the Sun                                         8:45 – Death From Above 1979

7:55 – Cut Copy                                                        7:05 – Flying Lotus

6:15 – Chromeo                                                         5:25 – Buraka Som Sistema

4:35 – Dizzee Rascal                                                3:45 – Battles

3:00 – The Naked and Famous                                2:15 – Yacht

1:30 – Shabazz Palaces                                           12:45 – Aloe Blacc

12:00 – Geographer



2:50 St. Vincent: It’s hard for us to tell what is fairer, Annie Clarke, aka St. Vincent, or her slashing guitar solos. We’ll let you decide. Want a taste of her delectable style check out St. Vincent’s video for “Cruel.”

4:20 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks: The former frontman of Pavement is a legend in the indie rock community. If you like Weezer, but never heard of Pavement–get your facts right–check Stephen Malkmus out and cut your hair you long haired rocker. Watch Stephen Malkamus & The Jicks “Tiger.”

6:00 Beach House: This is probably an obvious suggestion. The dreamy lo-fi indie duo should be a staple in anyone’s diet like bread. Like bread–you heard?

Sunday, October 16th

Bridge Stage                                                 Tunnel Stage

9:20 – Death Cab For Cutie                         8:30 – The Hold Steady

7:40 – Explosions in the Sky                       6:50 – Friendly Fires

6:00 – Beach House                                      5:10 – The Head and The Heart

4:20 – Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks        3:35 – Wild Beasts

2:50 – St. Vincent                                          2:05 – Warpaint

1:25 – The Antlers                                        12:40 – Weekend

12:00 – Thee Oh Sees