Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci” (SpekrFreks Remix) [Exclusive Premier]


Kreayshawn Spekrfreks Remix

“Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada/ The basic bitches wear that shit, so I don’t even bother,” is basically SF Critic’s mantra. Dap! Dap! Respect to Kreayshawn, even if she did gain Kardashian-esque publicity for the NSFW photos. So it’s our pleasure, in some ways, ┬áto leak via Thrillcall blog this SpekrFreks remix of the track we all love to hate or hate to love (I don’t know)…

Download Mp3 – Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci” (SpekrFreks Remix)