Corduroi “Crustacean” [SOTD]


Corduroi’s breed of childhood-nostalgic electro-pop has the potential to ride the over-played coattails of MGMT but steers clear of the “in the sandbox diggin’ up worms” cheese and instead opts to blend the tape-cassete era synthetic beats with new wave sampling for a “just listen and understand”  21st-century clarity.

Texas native Corduroi, aka Cody Wilson, “took the name Corduroi from his favorite childhood book, Corduroy The Bear as a symbol of that nostalgia.” Isn’t that sweet.

In “Crustacean,” spacey old-time futuristic chimes reminiscent of the “star” level in Mario Kart complement contemporary lounge music and tinny drum beats flawlessly rehashing the best of 80s sounds for today’s ears.

Download Mp3: Corduroi: – “Crustacean”