Nurses and The She’s at Cafe Du Nord [Photographs]



Last Tuesday night Café Du Nord kicked off with a final burst of summer in the form of a young all-female band called The She’s. Comprised of four high school girls – Sami Perez, Hanna Valente, Eva Treadway and Sinclair Riley — I easily forgot their youth when the music started drifting around this classic San Francisco venue. Red and orange lights mingled with the crowd and the bar quickly emptied as everyone drifted towards the cheery act on-stage. This group could easily have been on a beach playing near acapella to a group of friends, mingling their voices with the occasional strum of an acoustic guitar. Throw in the Riley’s drums, Perez’s bass and send some electric to Eva and that guitar and you’ll get an idea of the She’s sound.

Up next was the trio Nurse’s playing some new music mixed in with their old. This Portland band deftly mixes a pop sound with a sprinkling of experimental moments. Catchy and provocative tunes brought the growing crowd in closer, a few dedicated fans holding the front-and-center audience spot with joyous fervor. Singer Aaron Chapman seemed confined by the small stage, bursting a few dance moves with his guitar in the gap between drummer JamesMitchell and keyboardist John Bowers.

Not a bad way to say goodbye to summer.


Download Mp3 – Nurses: “Trying to Reach You”


Download Mp3: – Nurses: “Fever Dream”