[SOTD] InfinitiRock – “Chinese Elephants f/ Nick Lattanzi”


While travelling in Boston this summer, I stumbled into a college-bar full of rave kids and ended up having a great conversation with a maven of local music. We talked for some time before he packaged up a few CDs for me to take back home and listen to.

Among them was New England native InfinitiRock’s debut EP “Apeirophobia,” which is appropriately defined as “fear of infinity, the fear of space going on and on with no end.”

The album is transcendant and floating without a hint of pretentiousness often found in experimental electronic. It is easy to listen to and morphs into newer more layered meanings with every listen.

My favorite track on the album “Chinese Elephants,” is the perfect weekend “wake and bake” track while you make coffee and you know, finger paint something deep.

Download Mp3 – InfinitiRock: “Chinese Elephants f/ Nick Lattanzi”

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/rypxbc3ue1ipbh7yp38h.mp3]