[Video] Plants and Animals at La Blogotheque


There is no reason to share this video right now other than the fact that the band featured, Plants and Animals, is one of the best (and most under appreciated) around, the cinematography is beautiful and the music truly original. It must be shared, though there is no specific reason for why now other than the fact that this might get you into a great band a good distance before they play SF again (which will hopefully help you enjoy it more). The video is on the short side of 30 minutes, but it’s worth a listen all the way through and/or as a visual on a second monitor. If you enjoy the songs, try the originals (some of which are down below). Enjoy!

[audio:http://www.sfcritic.com/wp-content/uploads/Plants-And-Animals-Game-Shows.mp3|titles=Plants And Animals – Game Shows]