[REVIEW] IAMDYNAMITE @ The Regency Ballroom 9/16


What I like about IAMDYNAMITE, despite the name and band they opened for (Blue October), is that they are really just good rock music.

It is refreshing in a scene full of synthed-out cookie cutter indie rock to hear a band that plays so loud they shake the floor, that gets an audience moving, and genuinely enjoys playing live for actual people.

The band, which consists of just a front man/guitarist and drummer plays loud, bouncy, yet soulful rock reminiscent of 90s favorite Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta.”

The Regency Ballroom, whose audience clearly came to see Blue October (no judgment…) was pleasantly lit up by IAMDYNAMITE. It is incredible how these two instruments can fill an auditorium with such loud noise.

Additionally, these guys are personable. They are fun to watch. Their onstage banter is engaging, and their music just makes you feel good, but not in a tacky, sugary way. Their album Supermegafantastic feels a lot like the mid-90s pop-punk, before the genre became saturated by record company build-a-bands like Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. Think Green Day’s Nimrod, with a 21st century spin more reflective of adult rather than teenage dilemmas.

Download Mp3: IAMDYNAMITE: “O.E.O.”