Pollyn ft. Freddie Gibbs [SOTD]


Pollyn Freddie Gibbs

Pollyn is an LA three piece band that defines their style as difficult to define. Yes, they are one of those bands. But upon a closer look, their guest list on their remix EP Shake Out The Other Way affirms this genre-less style with artists like Freddie Gibbs, Nosaj Thing, and James Pants. For those unfamiliar, that’s a Long Island ice-tea of current LA based artists mixing hip hop, experimental electronic, and dance.

On “Falling Out Of Place” rapper Freddie Gibbs takes center with his gritty, tough guy style as he raps “Straight killer, married to the street, had to say I do.” The hip hop beat isĀ eerieĀ like Sneak Pimps’ ominous “Six Underground.”

Pollyn ft. Freddie Gibbs – “Falling Out” (Remix)

In contrast, James Pants’ remix of “Shake It Off” lies somewhere between a New Orlean’s bounce track with big horns, an empty bass, and sharp hi-hats with a diverging samba-esque break focusing on cow bells (or something familiar sounding).

Pollyn: “Shake It Off” (James Pants Remix)

If you like this, check out this great video of “How Small We Are” by Pollyn.