[SOTD] Mr. Little Jeans – “Rescue Song”


I first heard and fell in love with Mr. Little Jeans (who is actually one Norwegian London-based artist and woman, Monica Birkenes) when stumbling upon her cover of Arcade Fire’s title track, “The Suburbs.”

It’s no secret I love Arcade Fire, and I of course thought this album was impeccable rock concept album perfection, yet somehow Mr. Little Jeans brought new meaning to the song and made it even better than the original. The ominous bouncy beat of the Arcade Fire version is softened to a surreal spacey reflective. “You were always sure/ That one day we’d be fighting/ a suburban war/ …but by the time the first bombs fell we were already bored.”

She sounds a little like the Cardigans meets Feist, with swirling melodic harmonies and a soft breathy voice. In “Rescue Song,” she incorporates fluffy indie harmonies with simple yet solid lyrics. Her songs flirt with being “cute,” but unlike Feist never completely cross over.

She also covered Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” which is equally terrible to the level of amazing The Suburbs cover attained.

Download Mp3 – Mr. Little Jeans “The Suburbs”

Download Mp3 – Mr. Little Jeans “Rescue Song”