[Video] Nerves Junior “Kale”


As a lifelong Radiohead fan I don’t say this lightly: this band reminds me of Ok Computer era Radiohead, the era which defined the unique sound that Radiohead is known for.

Ok, before other Radiohead fans think I have gone too far, no they are not better than Radiohead, but they are very, very good. The cool and modern beats of the tracks are enhanced with Johnny Greenwood style guitar rifts that shred and weave new meaning to the words. Lyrics such as “plastics that last forever is a better lullaby,” harken the dilemma that set the tone for Ok Computer— a modern person navigating their humanity in an increasingly digital age.

This is not to say that the album is a rip from Radiohead, no, rather it is clear the influence is there, but it doesn’t overshadow the originality of Nerves Junior’s own musical style.

Not one track on their debut album, As Bright As Your Nightlight, disappoints and I look forward to them touring the Bay Area soon…

Download MP3 – Nerves Junior: “Champagne & Peaches

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/v9bfsciaamykyy7e5pif.mp3]