Forest Fire “Mtns Are Mtns” [SOTD]


Survival Forest Fire Staring at the XForrest Fire whose debut, Survival, was released to much acclaim by the likes of La Blogotheque and others, gained little attention from many others. In 2012 Fat Cat Records plans to rerelease the album, but in the meantime will release their follow up album, Staring At The X due on October 18th. Lead vocalist Mark Thresher reminds us of John Gourley of Portugal (read interview with Portugal. The Man #1 or interview with Portugal. The Man #2). The Man, with a cadence that quickly shifts from melodic to raspy on “Mtns are Mtns.” Like a drug binge, the track starts calmly, enjoying a bluesy folk before peaking as an intense buzzing of sounds. Who doesn’t want a taste of that on Friday morning?

Download Mp3 – Forest Fire: “Mtns Are Mnts”

Here’s the track list from Staring At The X

1. Born Into (3:04)
2. Future Shadows (4:10)
3. The News (2:32)
4. They Pray Execution Style (6:26)
5. Staring At The X (3:00)
6. Blank Appeal (4:17)
7. Mtns Are Mtns (2:42)
8. Visions In Plastic (8:28)