Fanfarlo “Replicate” [Video]


Fanfarlo released “Replicate” to give fans a taste of their upcoming album scheduled for distribution by Canvasback Music (subsidiary of Atlantic Records) in early 2012. The UK sensation from a few years back (thanks largely in part to David Bowie’s signed approval) are now touring. “Replicate” seems darker than much of the group’s debut albumĀ Reservoir. The track builds, repetitiously, with violens harping omniously, as lead singer Simon Blathazar sings “It’s going, It’s going to happen soon..” But approaching the end, a breath, a reflection like an epiphany occurs as though whatever is coming has happened, the violins accept the inevitable. Sure enough, Blathazar reminds us “It’s in our bodies now.” It’s an exciting first look at one of our favorite bands to follow. If you’d like to learn more about the group, read our interview with Simon Balthazar.

Download Mp3 – Fanfarlo “Replicate”