[SOTD] Princeton “Clamoring For Your Heart”


Indie-pop rock group, Princeton, caught our attention after the NY Times described them as “charming and frisky, with touches of the Cure and Leonard Cohen, and even some shoegaze pop.” The latter comparison made more sense to us than the former (“frisky?”), so we delved in and were delighted to discover the bright, sweetly melodic, and minimalist structure of songs like “Clamoring For Your Heart.” The vocal duo of twin brothers, Jesse and Matt Kivel, do in fact sound very similar to Robert Smith. “Clamoring For Your Heart” is like a warm bath with subdued sythns, comforting lyrics like “As soon as you’re here, I never feel alone,” and softly easing percussion. Thanks to our friends over at YT, the track is available to download. Enjoy.

Download Mp3 – Princeton: “Clamoring For Your Heart”