[Video] St. Vincent “Cruel”


We’ve never tried to hide our undying affection for Annie Clarke aka St. Vincent (read our interview with St. Vincent ) and we won’t stop as she gets prepares to release her new album, Strange Mercy. “Cruel” is the first video from the album released by 4AD. The song itself, to be quite honest, isn’t our favorite by the talented guitarist and vocalist. Late in the track, typical of Clarke’s song structure, she begins to wail on the guitar (in this case almost in Peter Frampton vocal sound) that illustrates her prowess as an instrumentalist (in addition to an amazing singer). What truly stands out is the interesting visuals and stark contrasts of normalcy, marriage, death, and youth. While we struggle to decipher all the lyrics, visually (and in light of the song title) the track appears to be a feminist critique of heterosexual relationships, the female’s role in family, and raising children.

Why you ask? Just watch as her children try to kill her. Or if that isn’t enough, her husband shoveling dirt onto her grave and burying her alive. Maybe we’re wrong and this is just an advertisement for a new grunge–but what do you think?

Download Mp3 – St. Vincent: “Cruel”

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/6nrtfotnbcpghri7r7fd.mp3]