Outside Lands 2011: In Style


Music Festivals are just as much about the people and culture as they are about the bands that perform at them. Outside Lands was no exception. Boasting San Francisco’s diversity you could find swarms of people from all walks of life. Here are a few that stood out to me.

san francisco festival

San Franpsycho

This local tee shirt company started out as a group of surfers and has grown into a lifestyle brand in San Francisco. Their style emulates the laidback surfer persona. They’re a friendly group that will chat it up with anyone and get you more excited about your city. By the end of the weekend about one in four people I saw boasted San Franpsycho gear of some kind.

The people I saw wearing the gear ranged from men to women ages 18-30. They all carried a “I’m just happy to be here jamming out” vibe. It’s a little hip, a little urban, but mostly, it’s really San Francisco. Favorite band? Anything that rocks, and supporting local artists like Ty Segal.

San Francisco Fashion


I ran into Dallas with a group of friends during the Black Keys show. She bummed a cigarette off a friend and began to chat with us about the show. She had a sweet bubbly personality and explained she had lost all her friends and was glad to find a fun group to hang with. I noticed her style right away, she carried herself well and put together a great all second hand/vintage outfit.

Over the course of the weekend I saw tons of girls going for the vintage look and was waiting to find the one that stood out the most, and in dropped Dallas. Her bag and jacket had a similar western native American look that worked well with the simple pattern on her dress. She looked great and owned it. Favorite band? Eryka Badhu. She said she came just for that show but was glad she stuck around for the entire festival as she also really enjoys the Black Keys.

Fanny Packs and JammyPacks

I polled some friends to see what they thought was a trend at outside lands and everyone agreed we’re heading back to the 90s with the popular Fanny Pack. They’re pretty practical for music festivals when you think about it. All the essentials are easily accessible and your hands are free. Outside Lands patrons took it one step further with the addition of the “Jammy Pack,” a tricked out fanny pack complete with speakers and a hook up for your mp3 device or phone. It’s the boom box of the future and highly popular at the festival.

The fanny and “Jammy” packs I saw at the festival were highly patterned and colored, most neon. They scream “I like to party and bring the party with me!” Favorite band? Girl Talk.

Mime Funeral

Outside Lands was full of costumes and themes. I saw everything from rainbow bright to Gumby. Why do people dress up? Some people do it just for the fun of it, after all this is San Francisco where every festival comes complete with themes and costumes. It also can make it easy to find your friends. With spotty cell phone reception and not the best landmarks it can be easier to have friends just look for Gumby.

I found the mime funeral taking place while walking up and around the main area into an area that had a burning man vibe complete with makeshift shelters and a swing that doubled as a wind chime. I’m not really sure of their exact purpose but they definitely reflect the creative and random vibe of the crowd all weekend. Favorite band? Deadmau5, costumers love fellow costumers.