The Outside Lands Schedule for Saturday


Outside Lands 2011

The Outside Lands schedule for Saturday is available now. Looking at the schedule here are some of our thoughts:

1. There may still be some lingering Phish fans in the trees. Please help them if they need directions to: 1) Bathroom 2) Buses 3) Head shops. (In that order)

2. If you’re interested in seeing Girl Talk–get to the stage early. If you’re interested in seeing Girl Talk, but don’t want to be devoured by the teenage crowd–get their on time.

3. STRFKR is a band you should not miss. Even if you’ve never paid attention to our interview with STRFKR or read our album review of Reptilians, check them out.

Thanks to our friends at Betterpropaganda, here’s an Outside Lands playlist where you can download Mp3s. Otherwise, listen to this 8tracks playlist they put together.