The Outside Lands 2011: Schedule for Friday


The Outside Lands
The Outside Lands schedule for Friday is available now. Looking at the schedule here are some of our thoughts:

1. Surprisingly, Collie Budz is playing at 1pm, which may be due to the fact he was never able to sell out The Independent.

2. The now popular (still “buzz band?”) band, Foster The People, play at the same time as Toro Y Moi, which may be a problem for certain indie fans (not us).

3. Orgone, a great funk bank, should be a nice segue into the evening for those looking to dance.

4. As the evening draws near, a large demographic of fans (will let you fill in the blank) will be on one side of the park listening to Phish separated by a large forest from fans watching Erykah Badu and Big Boi. Interesting sociological inferences can be made.

5. Though Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have only just released a new album after several years of being cast in the dark, they have a great set time at 5:30 on the Sutro Stage (second biggest stage).

Thanks to our friends at Betterpropaganda, here’s an Outside Lands playlist where you can download Mp3s. Otherwise, listen to this 8tracks playlist they put together.