“The Rap” from Local Musicians: True Mad North


The Rap:

The Rap is a series of op-eds with mp3s that highlight local musicians and upcoming events in the Bay Area. Each week a band writes about their favorite local band, and the following week, the band that was chosen gets to chooses their favorite Bay Area group. If you’re a Bay Area musician and would like to participate please contact us (David [at] SFCritic.com).

The Rap

True Mad North

By Robby Croholm of Taxes Band

Let’s say you broke up with someone a few months back. For the sake of argument, let’s say you took a few months to recover. Let’s pretend you wake up after a Friday night spent alone on the couch (as an adult, you’re supposed to own a “sofa” and not a “couch” unless you’re in college but let’s be honest, that’s a couch you spent the night on alone). Hypothetically speaking, it’s Saturday morning and the sun is a California sun as you head north over the Golden Gate bridge. An hour later, winding through the rolling camel/caramel-colored hills of Sonoma, you put True Mad North on the stereo, roll down the windows and light a cigarette. As the warm wind, carcinogens and sound waves wash over you, you realize, or rather let this Northern Californian five-piece band convince you, that everything might just be alright. It is music that allows you to simultaneously wallow and let go. Call it Americana, Alt-Country, Pop-Rock…It’s simply stellar. The lyrics turn phrases with uncomplicated ease, the rhythm section pulses like something alive, the guitars shimmer like the sun in your rear view and the vocal harmonies hold everything together. True Mad North are in the studio now putting the final touches on the new record. This is a great band. I don’t want to turn the car around. I think I’ll keep driving.

True Mad North: Conditional Love

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/is4fyi64gd2l9rj7phzx.mp3]

True Mad North: Glass of Gasoline

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/7oc7r01mzo2fzge5fyx0.mp3]

About The Author

Robby Croholm is a member of the Bay Area band, Taxes. Taxes was originally written about by Noah Grant of Bay Area band, Foolproof Four, which you can read here. Make sure to catch Taxes at their record release party on August 27th at The Bottom Of The Hill. For more information on Taxes, follow the links below.