The Cool Kids [Live Review] at The New Parish


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Photographs by Darryl Kirchner

It was my first trip to The New Parish, so I didn’t want to be tardy to the party. After an excruciatingly long DJ set and two openers, including Nio tha Gift, the crowd was plenty warmed up for the Cool Kids. They lived up to their reputation as “hipster rappers” donning straight from the 90’s Hilfiger and buttoned up plaid.

They started off their set with some tracks from their first album, The Bake Sale, all with a heavy 90’s hip-hop feel. Mikey is the more aggressive performer of the two shouting lyrics with lots of energy and emotion. It could have been the ladies in the front row swooning, but he was definitely on fire. Whereas Chuck comes off a bit more reserved, but packs a punch.

Halfway through their set they busted out some of their new tracks from When Fish Ride Bicycles, which has a little bit more of a beach rap feel than the first album. They dedicated to the ladies with “Sour Apples,” which features Travis Barker and followed up with “Swimsuits” featuring a smooth hook by Mayer Hawthorne that got everyone dancing. The high energy performance got the whole crowd involved, even those of us in the upper deck.

(Note: I ran into Nio tha Gift, who hails from Richmond, after the show. He told me about singing as a toddler and taking pride in telling his story. He only performed a few songs, but impressed the crowd with his versatility as a lyricist and a vocalist.)

The Cool Kids: “Swimsuits” ft. Mayer Hawthorne


The Cool Kids: “Sour Apples” ft. Travis Barker


Nio tha Gift: “Angels and Demons”