[Photographs] Cults at Bottom Of The Hill


Cults Guards Bottom Of The Hill

I must be getting old because I wasn’t overly disappointed by Cults’ short, albeit really short, set at the Bottom of The Hill. The eager crowd, packed tightly in the dimly lit garage like venue, were half stunned and half confused when lead vocalist, Madeline Follin, frankly stated “We’re not going to put a guise over your eyes, this is our last song, consider it our encore.” And with that, their thirty minute set was over.

Truth is they don’t have an extensive musical library to date. Since the success of their 2010, Cults 7″ EP (which we included in our Top 5 EPs of 2010), the band released their self-titled debut LP, adding eight new songs to their repertoire (for a total of eleven tracks all under four minutes long).

Short and sweet is much better than long and outdrawn. The set began with their second hit single, “Abducted.” Unfortunately, mic problems ruined the levels of the backing vocals of Brian Oblivion. From there on, the set went smoothly through their debut album, finishing strongly with “Oh My God” and “Go Outside.”

Surprisingly, Follin’s vocals seemed to show a bigger range live. At times singing almost as deep as Fiona Apple, in stark contrast to high pitch, almost, childlike notes, she often reaches singing along with the xylophone. Everyone seemed pleased as Follin exclaimed, “This is much better than last night. The Clift Hotel was a strange venue.” The feeling seemed mutual, as we overheard one fan say, “Cults are much better live than Best Coast.”

Note: Guards and Writer opened for Cults. It was a special opportunity for Madeline Follin to share the stage with her brother, Richie Follin, guitarist for Guards.

Cults: “Abducted”

[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/roso6b5ck3fugtxsk5gb.mp3]

Cults: “Oh My God”
[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/xjqfqdmlcituxmzkd4j4.mp3]

Cults: “Go Outside”
[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/9b6mi3szzbptmsmijc6x.mp3]