[Video] The Mountain Goats – ‘Estate Sign Sale’


I will never get enough of The Mountain Goats. Every album, for me, is a completely different variation on a tried and true craft: acoustic storytelling. I think some tend to write John and co. off because of Darnelle’s distinct voice and the similar harmonies among their songs, but take it from me: Every album will grow on you anew and each will seem as it is from it’s own band. The same is the case for their newest release, All Eternals Deck. Above is the video (from Pitchfork) for one of the more rompier (new word!) songs on the album, ‘Estate Sign Sale.’ Fittingly, the video expounds on the metaphors that are littered throughout the album. Enjoy!

[audio: http://www.sfcritic.com/wp-content/uploads/The-Mountain-Goats-Estate-Sale-Sign.mp3|titles=The Mountain Goats – Estate Sale Sign]