[Photographs] The Memory Tapes at Slim’s



Well, I wasn’t expecting that. I figured The Memory Tapes would roll into Slims in SF, play something chill and roll on out leaving their fans relaxed, all mellowed out. Clearly, I didn’t do my homework. Saying they played songs from their last two albums (more heavy on their recently released album, Player Piano) in a more uptempo fashion would be doing the live versions a disservice. Every song was dancified and extended, and with great effect. The ambient, chill melody, ‘Yes I Know’, the first single off their newest release Player Piano, was played at nearly double speed, setting the tone for the night. It would have been a dance party had half the audience decided that dancing was cool again. I will happily pay to see them again, only next time I’ll bring those ready to get down.

Make sure to check out their new album, Player Piano. It’s well worth a listen.

[audio:http://www.sfcritic.com/wp-content/uploads/Memory-Tapes-Yes-I-Know.mp3|titles=Memory Tapes – ‘Yes I Know’]