Outside Lands 2011: Taste The Smug of Summer Pairings


Summer Pairings Outside Lands
It wasn’t until my second glass of Chardonnay, while remembering my drive to Scribe Winery in the Prius, taking Instagram photographs of beautiful scenery on my iPhone, and savoring Korean BBQ from Namu, that I was reminded of the South Park episode, “Smug Alert.” I chuckled. The episode poked fun at San Franciscans for drinking lattes, thinking of themselves as ahead of the curve, and driving hybrid cars that, instead of omitting smog, produced smug. For only a San Francisco music festival would ascribe to “elevate picnicking” — which, in collaboration with the website Chow, is exactly what Outside Lands is setting out to do. Over four days this summer, it’s offering local food, wine, and music at a different winery, with offerings from chefs and wineries that will be at the music festival in Golden Gate Park Aug. 12 through 14. Pairings include Long Meadow Ranch Winery, Farmstead, and Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers; Scribe Winery and Namu; Tres Sabores Winery and Straw; and Kermit Lynch and the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.

Outside Lands 2011
Let me be clear: I was not ashamed of growing up in San Francisco after seeing this South Park episode, nor when I was at Scribe Winery. Rather, it was quite the opposite — I was pleased. Outside Lands’ emphasis on local food and wine not only provides a great accompaniment for the musical experience but, in doing so, embraces the culture of its base community. Call me a foodie, call me smug, call me what you like, but whatever you do, don’t take away my curried corndogs, wine flights, and pairings. Thank you Outside Lands for knowing me so well.

If you’re interested in attending a future Summer Pairing event, you can see the schedule here. In addition, Outside Lands, as of this week, is selling single-day tickets to the festival; those are available here.

This article was originally published at the SF Weekly.