[SOTD] Mexicans With Guns


Among other things, this June marks the 40th anniversary of the U.S. fueled global war on drugs.

The Controlled Substances Act, among other things, criminalized common harmless drugs like marijuana, profitably filled out prisons passed capacity, and in recent years created one of the world’s bloodiest most vicious wars just south of our border.

Mexicans With Guns is an experimental electronic project, and if you were wondering the significane of the name, you are not alone. In response to NPR’s Alt Latino Music Blog’s Felix Contreras query of the name, San Antonio TX based DJ Ernesto Gonzalez, responded:

Mexicans with Guns is a loaded name, pun intended, and brings to mind a wide assortment of issues. If, by keeping the name, people start thinking and talking about what it means to them, then I feel like the name is successful. Speaking personally, the name has made me think about a variety of topics such as gun rights, the border, immigration, education, stereotypes, etc. … With the exponentially expanding Mexican-American population and influence in American culture, I feel like it is becoming more and more relevant to be aware of these issues and more importantly address them.

“Me Gusto”