[SOTD] Ise Lyfe “We Exist”


Last week, I attended the San Francisco Black Film Festival with a friend to watch the premier of Kevin Epp’s Straight Outta Hunter’s Point 2.

As a college intern, I became immersed in the plights of the notorious yet hidden community of San Francisco that is overwhelming plagued by violence, poverty and a city government looking to exploit its residents.

The 2003 original gave a rare glimpse inside the violence, the youth, the gangs and the battles with the city over gentrification and development.

The second is definitely a must-see and an eye opener for bougie hipster San Francisco.

The premier was prefaced by a short film featuring Oakland Rapper Ise Lyfe (see Oscar Grant Reaction in music) as Keith. “The Raw,” directed by Shante Pinkney, features a young man from Hunter’s Point, trying to work a legitimate job and stay out of trouble in a neighborhood where he wakes up to gun shots in the morning. I won’t spoil it, but it is a heart-breaking short and Ise Lyfe is an essential part of the Bay Area hip hop scene that you SHOULD already know about.

“Oakland Stand Up”


“We Exist”