Free Revok: Sapient, Macklemore & Illmaculate “Letterhead Remix”


Free Revok Sapient Macklemore

Rappers Sapient, Macklemore and Illmaculate are taking action in response to graffiti artist Revok’s recent criminal sentencing of 180 days in jail with possible felony charges. The group released, “Letterhead Remix,” planning to donate 100% of the profits towards Revok’s legal defense.

Sappient: “Letterhead Remix” (ft. Macklemore and Illmaculate)


These days the roots of hip hop are blurred, but for rapper Sapient it’s very clear. His relationship with hip-hop culture started with an addiction to graffiti. The spray can art form is one of the four expressions of hip hop, which also includes rapping, djing and break dancing. After Sapient’s own legal issues with graffiti, he decided to stick to rapping.

On “Letterhead Remix” Sapient doesn’t waste time diving into the subject of “being fascinated with letters,” while his verse continues playing upon the same rhyme schemes as the original song. Macklemore & Illmaculate spend each of their 16 bars sharing their own experiences “coming up” as graff writers prior to developing as musicians.

I’ve attached below some pieces by Revok, as well as a link to purchase the mp3 at iTunes (click here).

On a side note, recently, my parents reminded me of my youthful angst when I was interested in graffiti writing. While arguing with my step-mother about the legitimacy of graffiti writing as an art form, I exclaimed “Well I’m going to go out and do it!” My step-mother replied, “Oh no you’re not. If you’re going to do it, you’re going to do it in our backyard.” To this day, the miserable “piece” I put up in the backyard remains.

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