[Album Stream] Cass McComb’s “Wit’s End”


Stream Wit's End
Cass McCombs at thirty-four sings likes a man twice his age worn from the struggles of life. Today marks the release of WIT’S END on Domino Records. The album was made available for streaming today, which we’ve included with the first single, “County Line.” Described on his Soundcloud page as conjuring “the colors purple and black” the image brings to mind a bruise, both a dark memory of pain, and physical expression of a battle fought.

Cass McCombs – County Line by DominoRecordCo

The full album is also available for streaming here:

For our visual friends, here’s the video for “Dreams Come True Girl” from Catacombs.

Cass McCombs “Dreams-Come-True-Girl” from ben chappell on Vimeo.