Geographer at Project Ethos in San Francisco


When Project Ethos chose to feature their talent showcase of emerging artists at Ruby Skye, they likely didn’t expect the venue would be the fault of so many issues. Project Ethos, a proclaimed “red carpet fashion, music and art event,” which occurred last night in San Francisco, exhibited one of SFCritic’s favorite Bay Area bands, Geographer, as well several visual artists and fashion designers. Everything about Ruby Skye’s glamorous decor with gold trim, private rooms, and plush couches created a fashionable experience, but unfortunately that’s where it ended.

Upon arriving early to the event for a VIP and media mixer, we were surprised to wait in line, while those that paid for tickets entered without issues. So much for “VIP.” The venue’s staff then gave us several pieces of incorrect information about set times and length of time for the media mixer. Accordingly, we missed half of Geographer’s performance–not cool.

While listening to Geographer, we spoke with the band’s manager, Robbie Percell, who informed us the band had their own difficulties with the venue’s staff, “After we finished sound check, our sound guy stepped outside and when he tried to re-enter the staff asked for his ID, which he had forgotten. They wouldn’t let him. We had to drive back, grab the ID, within forty minutes, just to get him in, even though he’d been in the venue working earlier!” Supposedly, Percell also noticed that several models, with their hair prepared for the occasion, were also rejected in a similar manner.

The concept of Project Ethos is exciting and if it weren’t for the faults of the venue, we’d imagine this event would have run much smoother and been more enjoyable. Many of the fashion designers’ styles were intriguing, while not audaciously risqué. The juxtaposition of various arts within one space is stimulating, and created a general intellectual and amiable vibe. Unfortunately, the apple in this case, fell far from the tree when it landed in Ruby Skye.