KeithCharles Spacebar – See Her Exit wit a G (feat. Ethereal & Will)


Ethereal Ft. KeithCharles – Exit wit a G (LIVE) from Tamarcus Brown

Rap has really taken a second seat to electronic for me lately. It’s not that I’m getting out of hip-hop, it’s just a hell of a lot harder to find a good MC over a producer (vocalists only get one instrument).

Lately, however, I’ve had a few MC’s submit their music to me, which have really restored my interests in discovering fresh hip hop. At the top of this list is Atlanta raised KeithCharles.

KeithCharles: “See Her Exit”

[audio:|titles=See Her Exit wit a G]

I’ve got into, “See Her Exit with a G,” where KeithCharles lays down those smooth Southern vocals over some jazz instrumentals and R&B samples. The track also features two MC’s, Ethereal & Will, which gives it a nice flow from MC to MC.

Make sure you check out the video above and the full album on Bandcamp.

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