Classified – Step It Up


Canadian, east coast, rapper Classified, legally named Luke Boyd, is at it again.  Because the majority of the music world doesn’t know of his work, it makes me feel as though there is major neglect for people who don’t have the kind of hype that Drake does.  Yes I’m saying that Drake although a very spirited rapper and a decent singer isn’t nearly as good as lyricists like Classified.

This track, “Step It Up,” is off of Class’ fresh new album, Handshakes and Middle Fingers. For me, this is a major call out to all of those rappers who sell out and go with what is popular, instead presenting themselves in light of popular imagine and not how they would want themselves represented.

“Anyone Can Sell Your Music / But they aint gonna sell your live show unless you do it.” — Classified “Step It Up”

“The industry is a shady place/Where everybody is out for self” — Classified “Step It Up”

Yup, just a couple bars from Classified as he lays out some ground rules for the music business.  To me, this track really compliments one of his older songs “No Mistakes,” which outlines his growth and development from where he was and the route that he took in order to be happy with his musical endeavors.  It’s kind of like the story behind his ability to write a track like “Step It Up”…

Classified – Step It Up[audio:|titles=Classified – Step It Up]

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