SOJORN – Bittersweet Collage


I’m not usually into super mashups. I like focus. This kind of has a focus: it’s a tribute to 90’s music (mostly hip-hop).

Sojorn: “Bittersweet Collage”

Set to the beat of a “Bittersweet Symphony,” SOJORN’s “Bittersweet Collage,” brings us back to the simpler days and that 90’s nostalgia (if you can remember the 90’s). In it, SOJORN takes from the big players of the decade–Tupac, Biggie and Ice Cube–but also samples from other pop hip-hop tracks from the day.

I love reliving 90’s classics set to a new era’s style and SOJORN’s collage does just that. There are many classics missing, naturally (e.g. JAMBOREE).

-Cory Zechman
Silence No Good

For those that enjoyed this Sojorn track, here is another track of his.

R.E.M. – It Happened Today (SoJorn Remix) by SOJORN