NewVillager [Featured Artist] “Light House”


New Villager IAMSOUND
Say hello to NewVillager because you should know them. We were first introduced to the duo with “Rich Door,” a track from Ghostly International’s Moongadet Nocturnal Suite album (reviewed here). It was one of our favorite songs. It still is one of our favorite songs.

From “Lighthouse,” the first single from their new album, set to be released on IAMSOUND, arose that old feeling, that taste for one more bite, that urgency to be satiated. We’ve contacted the band. We’re waiting. You should be too.

NewVillager: “Lighthouse”

NewVillager: “Rich Door”

Here’s the official video for “Lighthouse” which transforms simple objects like brooms, tote bags, funnels into illustrious costumes.

NewVillager – “LightHouse” from stereogum on Vimeo.

Official Bio:

NewVillager are multi-media artists from San Francisco and New York. The two founding members, Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini create new pop music as a means of illustrating the NewVillager mythology, a system of thinking, which is partially “found” and partially created by the group and their collaborators. In an interview with the band, they describe their mythos as, “not a story, but a lens to look at the world. It’s a ten-part framework of understanding the process of transformation, in an abstract sort of way. How does an object or a person or an idea go from one state to another state? It’s a question everybody asks any time anyone tries to create anything and the mythology is just our attempt at answering it.”