Wiz Khalifa Exclusive [Interview and Playlist]


Photo by Sean Berry

There is nothing subtle about Wiz Khalifa’s liking for weed. His new album is entitled Rolling Papers (pictured here), and pictures him letting out a billowing cloud of smoke. He’ll smoke joints during interviews, encouraged youth to vote in favor California’s ballot initiative Prop 19, and even exclaimed he used to spend upwards of $10,000 a month just to tango with Mary Jane. It seemed obvious that during SFCritic’s interview with Wiz Khalifa that we create a weed playlist.

Wiz Khalifa: “The Race”
[audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18649407/Wiz%20Khalifa%20The%20Race.mp3]

Wiz Khalifa: “Still Blazin'”
[audio: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18649407/13%20-%20Still%20Blazin.mp3]

SFCritic (SFC): Who is Wiz Khalifa when the sack has run dry? What song best describes you at that moment?

Wiz Khalifa (WK): Well the bag doesn’t run dry man to be honest. It’s an everlasting sack. It’s kind of hard to choose a song to describe a bag of weed because I always have one, non-stop.

SFC: So how about the song “Always and Forever?”

WK: Go ahead and put that one in their.

SFC: What is your favorite strand of weed? Is there a particular reason/story why this is your favorite type? After taking a hit of said weed—what song best describes how you feel?

WK: O.G. Kush and it’s just the strongest and best of the best. I think you could fill that one in too better. I don’t know these feelings and song, I understand where you were going with it, but I think it would be more memorable if it didn’t happen all the time. I smoke all day.

SFC: So it doesn’t make a difference?

WK: Yeah. Like a moment.

SFC: So how about when your song hit number one?

WK: I felt like a freaking champion dog. “We Are The Champions” dude.

SFC: Where were you? What was happening?

WK: I was thinking I was doing radio or in the office and they were like, “Oh your record is number one.” It wasn’t a big celebration or balloons falling out of the sky—it was just news.

SFC: Why do you smoke weed?

WK: That’s just my thing. Some people smoke cigarettes. Some people gamble. Some people buy cars from auctions. Some people go to strip clubs. I smoke weed.
lunts anymore because I don’t like tobacco in my body.

“I used to get the munchies all the time. That’s how I knew I was stoned. I don’t really get them anymore though. I ate a whole thing of Pringles.”

SFC: What song reminds you first started smoking weed?

WK: Rick James “Mary Jane.”

SFC: When did you get stoned first time, like Half Baked, stoned? How did you know you were stoned?

WK: Probably when I was fourteen. I used to get the munchies all the time. That’s how I knew I was stoned. I don’t really get them anymore though. I ate a whole thing of Pringles.

SFC: What song reminds you when you were younger and smoking?

WK: I used to listen to a lot of Bone Thugs and Harmony. So anything by them would work. [included: Bone Thugs and Harmony “Weed Song”]

SFC: What moments do you like to get stoned most? When you usually getting stoned, what type of music do you like to listen to most? Is there a particular artist?

WK: Usually, I listen to 70s old school music. I have a little playlist that I run through. Of course I listen to Bob Marley and stuff like that, but mostly old school stuff. Like soul music, Willie Hutch, Al Green, Anita Baker and stuff like that.

SFC: What is one song from that playlist?

WK: “Sunshine Lady” by Willie Hutch.

Wiz Khalifa’s album, Rolling Papers, is set to be released on Atlantic Records on March 29th.


1. Heatwave “Always and Forever”
2. Queen “We Are The Champions”
3. Bone Thugs and Harmony “Weed Song”
4. Rick James “Mary Jane”
5. Willie Hutch “Sunshine Lady”

Also features: Wiz Khalifa “Still Blazin'”