SOTD: Cameron Mcvy (Massive Attack/Portishead) as “cirKus”


cirkus cameron mcvey portishead massive attack
Cameron Mcvey, best known as the producer for Massive Attack and Portishead, has put together a side project as “cirKus” with DJ and guitarist Matt Kimel. About the name Mcvey explains, “We live, work and move like they do in a circus, and we’re based on an island in Sweden, so why not tell it like it is and call ourselves ‘cirKus’ (the Swedish spelling of the word)?”

“Drug of Choice” is a mellowed track that reminds me of last years’ favorite indie sensation Broken Bells, but is less pop. Mckey, unlike Dangermouse (the producer of Broken Bells), adds a melancholy tone to his production which at least for this track, should be positively received by fans of his previous work.

cirKus: “Drug of ChoiceDL