SOTD: Robyn “Cobrastyle” Remixes


robyn bloody beetroots and ish

So Robyn is a bit of a phenomenon… The Swedish electropop/synthpop starlet has really been on the rise in the hearts of us less top 40 oriented music aficionados. Her work has been used to create its own kind of subgenre, where musicians have been able to use the Swede’s tracks and create bangers of their own. Oh how incredible this whole situation is where people can do this!
One example that I”m really fond of these days is The Bloody Beetroots “Cobrastyle” remix, which is featured on their Best of Remixes that was released on January 26th.  I don’t know how to describe this one other than saying that it is a “banger” if there was ever to be one. For some reason, I feel like its really mellowed out but its better because of the eerieness and the stress on Robyn’s very unique yet awesome voice.

Robyn: “Cobrastyle” (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) DL


Next up is another awesome version by a fellow Torontonian (yes, I am from Toronto), Ish, whose rapping is a great addition to this version and truer to the original sound. Although over a year old, this reworked song is new to me and i think that it is a solid addition to any iTunes library.

Robyn: “Cobrastyle” (Ft. Ish) DL


-Written by “Pooch” of This Bonus Track