Skrillex’s [Interview & Playlist] “It’s My Birthday” Mix


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Picture yourself crammed in a sea of sweaty bodies as everyone’s hands are pointed upwards.Their bodies push you back and forth as the dj plays his last song, “In Da Club” by 50 Cent, the crowd singing along “It’s your birthday, we going party like it’s your birthday, and we don’t give a fuck because it’s your birthday.” This was the scene in Victoria, Canada before Skrillex walked onto the stage at midnight on his twenty-third birthday. It was the first night of a weekend of celebrating, and so when Skrillex recovered later that next week–it made sense for the SFCritic to ask him about his birthday and put together a birthday playlist. This is second part of a two part interview and playlist with Skrillex, click here for part one.

Skrillex: “With Your Friends (Long Drive)”

SFCritic (SFC): Happy birthday man! What did you do to celebrate?

Skrillex (S): I had a three day birthday thing. On Friday night at midnight I was in Victoria, Canada. They brought out a cake and surprised me right before I was about to go on. The DJ before me, Matt, through on a happy birthday tune and played 50 Cent (sings “Go shorty, it’s your birthday, we goin’ to party, likes it’s your birthday). On Saturday, I was in Portland and celebrated at this after parties and was up until 6am. Then the next day I had a big surprise party that my friends put together for me at the W Hotel.

SFC: So I’ll use 50 Cent “In Da Club” as your first track. So when you were a kid, what present did you want most but never got?

S: I do remember! My parents were pretty good about getting me most things, but not spoiling me. One thing I never got, I think I might got a generic crappier version—which wasn’t as cool—was a NERF gun. It was this gun that you can attach like twenty different guns into one gun.

SFC: How did you feel when you got that present? What song sums up your feelings?

I remember smiling, especially as a kid when you think you’re going to get it, and then playing it cool and saying thank you with that melancholy feeling as I felt like I was holding back tears. There’s an Aphex Twin song called “Nannou 2” and it’s a piano song that gets that feeling.

SFC: Do you feel like you’re getting older now?

S:I finally feel like I’m not young. People still think I’m young, and I’m young I know, but I think what’s changing most is my attitude. I’m more focused than I ever have been. Usually, your first knee jerk reaction after your record comes out and does well is just to sit back and tour, but I’m in the studio more than ever. That’s the difference. I’m even hungrier than I was before.

SFC: What song do you associate with this getting older and hunger?

S: You know it’s funny but the Pixies “Where Is My Mind” is a good fit with the lyrics.

SFC: If any musician, dead or alive, could have performed at your birthday, who would it have been, and what song would you want to hear?

SI would love to hear Richard James (Aphex Twin) to play the song “Flim” on piano.

SFC: What birthday has been most memorable to you and why?

S: This birthday was pretty insane. It was three days of culture change from Victoria, Portland and then the rooftop in LA at the W.

SFC: What song would remind you of this birthday?

S: It’s got to be something that played that night. You know what song I’ve been listening to a lot, Capsule “I Wish You.”

Skrillex “It’s My Birthday” Playlist

Track List

1. 50 Cent’s “In Da Club”

2. Aphex Twin “Nannou 2”

3. Pixies “Where Is My Mind”

4. Aphex Twin “Flim”

5. Capsule “I Wish You”