Skrillex’s [Interview & Playlist] “End Of The World” Mix


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The other day Skrillex tweeted about all these dead birds and fishes that were talked about on the news. For the LA producer whose house and dubstep sound is heart pounding and bold–it seemed only appropriate to discuss this catastrophic and potentially prophetic news as though the world were coming to an end. SFCritic spoke with Skrillex while he was in the studio working on an undisclosed, fatalistic project at his studio. Skrillex performs tomorrow night to a sold-out show at The Factory. This is first interview and playlist in a two part series, click here for part two.

Skrillex “Kill Everybody” from his latest release Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

SFCritic (SFC): I noticed you tweeted about all these dead birds and dead fish the other day. Do you think this is a sign of apocalypse?

Skrillex (S): It’s definitely pretty crazy, but here is the craziest part of that story. There was an interview with the guy who autopsied the birds, and he was like “We have no idea what this is. Their insides are almost combusted and have severe internal bleeding, but their outside is unscathed.” They were dumbfounded. They had seen stuff happening with lighting, but never in these numbers.

So I went back to my computer and YouTubed the bird thing. There was some government guy that came out and said “Yeah we were poisoning the birds” because they were overpopulating or some shit like that. It was crazy to hear the autopsy guy say we couldn’t find anything wrong with them, and the government guy come and cover it up.

SFC: That’s some freaky shit. So when you think or murdering animals or something equally as violent, what song comes to mind?

S Mortal Kombat’s theme song.

SFC: What’s the scariest thing you ever found on Youtube?

S: There are a couple of these ghost videos that I’ll get lost watching. It’s eerie but then sometimes you’ll be in the fucking zone and you’ll be watching and all of a sudden it’s this prank video. It’ll be quiet, and all of a sudden fucking some dude will scream at the camera with some chick from the Exorcist or something.

SFC: Oh, I’ve seen one of this where it’s a faux Irish car commercial.

S Dude that’s it!

SFC: So what song do you think of that is perfect for surprise?

S: The guy kind of looks like an Exorcist chick, so for fun why don’t you put The Exorcist theme song

SFC: Is there any song that gives you the creeps when you hear it?

S: Yes. This song is terrifying. It’s called “Prep Gwarlek” from the Aphex Twin’s album, Drukqs.

SFC: What’s so scary about it?

S: There is no real rhythm. It’s all sound design and ambience. There’s like women screaming and it sounds like someone is being murdered.

SFC: If you could go back and redo the soundtrack to any movie what would it be?

S: I think the Rotten Crew (Datsik, Excision & Downlink) should have remixed the Transformer. They are all dubstep artist, and every time I watch Transformers the sound design is their base sound.

SFC: If the world were to come to an end, what would be the most appropriate song to say good bye to?

S: “It’s the end of the world as we know” [sings R.E.M.’s “End of The World”] but that’s so cliché! How about Pantera “Strength Beyond Strength” just for fun to throw something different in there.

SFC: Ok, sounds good.

S: Actually! Dude, wait! End of the world, Fear Factory “Resistance!”

Skrillex “End of The World” Playlist


1. Mortal Kombat: “Theme Song”

2. The Exorcist: “Tubular Bells”

3. Aphex Twins “Prep Gwarlek”

4. Datsik & Excision “Swagga” (Downlink Remix)

5. Fear Factory “Resistance”