Full Album Stream Talib Kweli’s “Gutter Rainbows”


Album Review Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli’s new album, “Gutter Rainbows” is available to stream in its entirety at his MySpace page. The album will be officially released on January 25th via Duck Down Records.

I’ve been waiting for this moment, as I was given an advance stream but wasn’t able to share the one track I wanted everyone to hear: “Gutter Rainbows.” Unlike the classic, Reflection Eternal or even Quality Control, at this point few of the tracks on Gutter Rainbows really POP out at me, but the album titled track the exception.

I will never argue against Talib Kweli being a great lyricist–but once he set the bar SO high, man has to keep jumping to reach the same expectations. Sad, but true.What are your thoughts?

Thanks to OneThirtyBPM for the heads up.