[Album Review] Reptilians by Starfucker or STRFKR or Pyramid (GOSH!)


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Take a couple bites of peyote, a tab of acid, and wax poetically about life and love, and then you’ll begin to craft the sound of Starfucker/STRFCKR/Pyramid’s new album, Reptilians. The albums scheduled to released in early March of this year, is similar to their self-titled debut except washed with heavier synth lines that pop out over cough syrup slurred vocals. It’s as though mastermind Josh Hodges decided to run Reptilians through a drug induced filter–choosing ambient, psychedelic muffled sounds over guitar jingles likes “German Love” or “Ronald Gregory Erickson The Second.”Instead, the comparable songs have darker and euphoric synth lines and grittier drum patterns like “Bury Us Alive,” or “Born.” Like their debut, this album gives you the option to do two things, either embrace the titillating rhythms and dance-pop structures or carefully listen to weighted lyrics like “love or forget the sun, I’ll be your dream tonight,” on “Mona Vegas.”

Amidst the hazy lyrics, the confusion surrounding the band’s name, Hodges continues to educate listeners with morbid samples from philosopher Alan Watts like “Everybody should in their lifetime do two things. One is to consider death. To observe skulls and skeletons and wonder what it would be like to go to sleep and never wake up. Never” from the song, “Mystery Clouds.” And whether you’re tripped out by the profound quotes, the sensational melodies, or slurred lyrics–you clearly can’t dislike Reptilians if you enjoyed their self-titled debut.

Starfucker: “Reptilians”
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Starfucker: “Bury Us Alive”

Starfucker: “Mona Vegas”
[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/jr6fa71jk1.mp3]

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