Miike Snow Remix of Amadou & Mariam “Sabali”


Miike Snow Remixes
It’s hard to take a break from blogging when your friend (DailyBeatz )introduces you to a song created by Miike Snow, Amadou & Miriam and Damon Albarn. Miike Snow, well we all know I love Miike Snow, ever since he and I last spoke. Amadou & Mariam are a couple from Bamako, and while you’ve likely not heard of them–that’s simply because you’re not from Africa. The couple played the opening concert in Johannesburg for the World Cup, they’ve performed alongside Manu Chao, Damon Albarn and that’s just a few accomplishment. Oh did I mention–“Sabali” was produced by Damon Albarn (aka Gorillaz or Blur). So enjoy:

Amadou & Miriam: “Sabali” (Miike Snow Remix) DL
[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/7l5vc2a1zm.mp3]e