[Review] Tron Legacy and Daft Punk


[Review] Tron Legacy and Daft Punk
[Warning: If you’re a fan of Tron or Daft Punk sue me.]

“Alright Joe, I got a great idea for a movie. Picture this–a guy enters into a video game that takes place in some futuristic utopian world where people fight on motorcycle bikes to the death.”

How is that a utopian world?

“Well there are programs, ‘progs,’ that follow their leader “Clu.” Everything “Clu” says they do, and therefore it’s a perfect world of order.”

Sounds like a dictatorship.

“That’s the point! To add a crazy twist, Clu is the clone of the creator, who’s trapped by Clu in the game, or the matrix!”

Are these supposed to be parallels to Hitler and Stalin?

“Sure that could be a thought because Clu tries to commit genocide of this non-perfect race.”

Ok buddy maybe you should just try and be a little more explicit with your intentions. You lost me with the race to your death. Now we’re on some World War III shit.

TRon Legacy Review

So if you can’t tell–I wasn’t that impressed with Tron. I hear that seeing the original really improves the quality of the second. Sounds great–watch the same movie twice just so that I can enjoy the second one more.

I must admit, it was satisfying to see a Daft Punk cameo in the dance club. They looked at home. As though the entire movie were made around that cameo. “Ok so I was thinking we should make a movie with Daft Punk, not AerodynamicTron!”

Daft Punk: “Tron Legacy (End Titles)”
[audio: http://www.box.net/shared/static/y3h678qj0x.mp3]

It would have been a lot more satisfying if they substituted Skrillex’s music for Daft Punk. It’s a little more to date, if not, better than Daft Punk’s new album. Skrillex will be coming to San Francisco on January 22nd at the Factory. We’ll give you more details closer to the event (maybe even a free pass).

Skrillex: “Cat Rats”
CAT RATS by Skrillex